CIED Remote Monitoring

Our flexible solutions make it easy to improve your clinic workflow and attain optimized reimbursements.

Cardiac RMS combines leading software technology with highly trained clinicians resulting in superior patient outcomes and clinic efficiency. We give clinicians more time to focus on the patients that need their care. Think of us as an extension of your own staff.

We review and report findings in a concise, organized manner for a better way to work.

Maryellen King, ANP-BC, CCDS, AACC

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Cardiac RMS has an amazing clinical team. Our PCS staff is incredibly knowledgeable about device management and arrythmias; I learn from them every day. They establish strong relationships with the practices they are partnered with and value being part of the clinical team taking care of the patient. The Patient Engagement Specialists do a superb job at making sure the patients are monitored and that the transmissions are flowing. They call patients directly, taking their time to assist with monitor troubleshooting, answering questions about remote monitoring, and sometimes just chatting. As a nurse practitioner, I appreciate and value high quality care, and am proud to work with a team that demonstrates this every day.

Artificial Intelligence alone can not be trusted. As much as 40% of all transmissions are misclassified by the device software and need a skilled clinician’s correction.

The clinical burden continues to grow!
70% of all transmissions are not clinically relevant or billable.

We Are Unique Patient Care Specialists

What makes Cardiac RMS different is the way we service your clinic and the extraordinary care we give your patients. 

We Are Your One Source Service Provider

Cardiac RMS can provide CIED Monitoring, Remote Physiologic Monitoring, Principal Care Management or Chronic Care Management services.

We Can Provide Consulting Services to Your Clinic

  • Patient Engagement – to enroll patients, ensure continuity of care and increase transmission compliance
  • Clinical Services – to provide technical review and triage of patient data to streamline office workflow and provide exceptional clinical outcomes
  • Billing expertise – to optimize revenue and capture missed billing opportunities
  • Short-term Remote Staffing – to assist during clinic / personnel transitions to maintain superior patient care and assist in managing office workload
  • Consulting Services – to assist clinics in setting up in-office programs

“As an EP, it’s easy to get lost in the day to day clinical setting leaving the administration items to autopilot. Cardiac RMS has really been instrumental in helping me get started at Arnot. We truly appreciate all the hard work and commitment Cardiac RMS puts into helping improve our practice efficiency, revenue stream and ultimately helps us deliver better patient care”

Kent Stephenson, MD — Arnot Health

IBHRE Certified Cardiac Device Specialists

Direct Remote Monitoring Experience

2 or More PCS Per Account

Continuity of Care for Review of Every Transmission, Archived or Report Created

Every Report has a Clinical Impression and a Plan

No Upfront Cost to Your Practice

Keep in mind how much more efficiently your clinic will run when your staff can concentrate on important matters at hand and your patients are well-managed.

Schedule your no-obligation remote monitoring workflow and financial consultation today.

Think of Cardiac RMS as an extension of your own staff.

As your workflow partner, our IBHRE certified staff will analyze the data from all devices, transmissions, and interrogations through a single monitoring platform so that you can quickly make appropriate clinical decisions.

Our completely flexible integrated software solutions that work with your systems make it easy to optimize the workflow at your clinic and ensure that your patients will be more compliant. No cookie-cutter software platform here!

We cut through the clutter and triage the transmissions so you see the clinically actionable reports.

  • Superior patient outcomes
  • Patient compliance averages 90% or greater
  • Patients transmitting regularly for maximum clinical benefit
  • Consistent staff for continuity of care

Schedule your no-obligation remote monitoring workflow and financial consultation today.

Our RPM & Virtual Care Management Solutions

Our comprehensive remote physiologic monitoring service is tailor-made for your patients dealing with chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure or heart failure. The CRMS RPM solutions keep them connected and compliant between appointments.

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