Total Virtual Care Solutions:
A Better Approach

RPM & Virtual Care Management

Our comprehensive Remote Physiologic Monitoring service is tailor-made for all your patients dealing with chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and/or heart failure.

Utilizing a robust virtual care platform to facilitate personalized interactions and remote monitoring, our care managers empower patients to feel connected to their caregivers and stay compliant between office visits.

Cardiac RMS continues to lead the remote monitoring industry with exceptional patient care. Our Virtual Care Management services focus on improving patient lives by keeping watch on their vital signs. Only actionable data is delivered to their provider so that plan of care decisions can be made with the most relevant information. Cardiac RMS puts the patient first, every time, which helps improve outcomes.

Shani Cress

Director of Organizational Development

Maryellen King Talks about RPM, PCM & CCM

Cardiac RMS offers expanded VCM services to physician’s groups along with our CIED remote monitoring. 

To complement your existing in-clinic services, Cardiac RMS offers Virtual Care Management services including RPM (Remote Physiologic Monitoring), TCM (Transitional Care Management), CCM (Chronic Care Management) and PCM (Principal Care Management). Our total VCM solutions include:

  • In-home initial visits and equipment set up
  • Care escalations and triage referred to your practice, or utilize our Physician Oversight Model where we provide in-home urgent care
  • Care gap closure and emergency room diversion programs to assist with meeting your value-based care metrics.

We review and report findings in a concise, organized manner for a better way to work.

4 in 5 consumers

According to a June 2021 MSI International survey, 80% of Americans are in favor of using remote patient monitoring, and nearly one-half are very favorable towards incorporating it into medical care. 

About 2 out of 3 consumers

According to a survey of ~300 consumers, 66% said they would be willing to participate in a remote patient monitoring program…to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels.

We Are Unique Patient Care Specialists

What makes Cardiac RMS different is the way we service your clinic and the extraordinary care we give your patients. 

We Are Your One Source Service Provider

Cardiac RMS provides CIED Monitoring, Remote Physiologic Monitoring, Principal Care Management and Chronic Care Management services.

We Offer Consulting Services to Your Practice

  • Patient Engagement: We specialize in actively involving patients, ensuring their enrollment, maintaining continuity of care, and boosting adherence to prescribed treatments.
  • Clinical Services: We offer a comprehensive technical review and triage of patient data, along with streamlined workflows to deliver exceptional clinical outcomes for improved patient care.
  • Billing Expertise: With our extensive knowledge in billing processes, we optimize revenue generation for healthcare providers, identifying and capturing missed billing opportunities that may have been overlooked
  • Short-term Remote Staffing: During times of clinic or personnel transitions, we provide valuable assistance by offering temporary remote staffing solutions, enabling seamless patient care and helping to better manage your practice workload.
  • Practice Consulting Services: Our business supports clinics in establishing and implementing effective in-office programs, leveraging our expertise to enhance overall operations and improve the quality of care provided to patients.

We're Virtual Care Specialists

What makes Cardiac RMS different is the way we service your clinic and the extraordinary care we give your patients. We improve patient outcomes and reduce the workload of your staff.

Cellular enabled monitoring devices

Ongoing connection to patients, family & caregivers

Reduction in 30-day readmissions and ER visits

Dedicated, experienced RNs integrated with your staff

Groundbreaking VCM platform

Assist with new patient outreach and onboarding

No upfront cost to your practice

Consistent outreach and monitoring of patients for Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM), Transitional Care Management (TCM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), and Principal Care Management (PCM).

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Proactive Protocol and Process

Your Patients, Our Support

Our technology + care services model empowers our highly skilled care managers with the data and real-time insights needed to increase compliance and deliver better outcomes.

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Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Remote Monitoring

Our IBHRE certified patient monitoring staff has years of experience with cardiac devices. These highly qualified professionals are partnered with clinics to assure continuity and quality for patients enrolled in remote monitoring.

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