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If you answered YES, then Cardiac RMS is the clear choice — we "beat" the competition every time!

Here’s why:

  • Improved Patient Care Focus & Improved Outcomes
  • Improved Clinic Resource Utilization
  • Increased Reimbursement Revenue
  • Increased Physician Efficiency
  • Select Software to Integrate With Your System

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Cardiac RMS conducted a case study and found that out of 10,000 transmissions received, more than 40% were misclassified by the device software and needed correction by a skilled clinician.

Out of 10,000 device transmissions, our Patient Care Specialists generated 3,000 clinically actionable reports – 2,000 of which were billable. Cardiac RMS helps you cut through the clutter and focus on providing better patient care while optimizing the utilization of your staff, and maximizing reimbursement.

    Founder and Managing Partner

     At Cardiac RMS our focus has always been patient care. With extensive background in the CIED space we saw that physicians were burdened with a deluge of data. The physicians have done an absolutely amazing job of trying to manage the data. Through close relationships we saw that they were feeling the burnout from the mountain of data from remote monitoring. We founded this company to offer another option, to allow them to return their focus on patient care and allow someone else to help sort through the piles of information and deliver actionable items for them to treat their patients.
     As the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Cardiac RMS, I am so proud of the partnerships we have formed with hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Our dedicated staff are passionate in delivering quality services every day. That quality is displayed by our dedication to high standards and personal interactions. We support hospitals and clinics, providing efficiencies and focus to deliver the care they strive to provide.

    Founder and Managing Partner

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    Cardiac RMS is your expert medical device and patient monitoring team.
    We have one core priority — delivering the best patient care in the remote monitoring industry – with the experienced staff to prove it.

    Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Remote Monitoring

    Our IBHRE certified patient monitoring staff has years of experience with cardiac devices. These highly qualified professionals are partnered with clinics to assure continuity and quality for patients enrolled in remote monitoring.

    RPM & Virtual Care Management

    Our comprehensive remote physiologic monitoring service is tailor-made for your patients dealing with chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure or heart failure. The CRMS RPM solutions keep them connected and compliant between appointments.

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