Cardiac RMS, is the single source solution to better outcomes for your practice and patients.

Over the next 20 years, research forecasts that due to the rapidly aging Boomer population with chronic illnesses and the preference of younger people wanting their healthcare handled virtually rather than in person, approximately 30 million people in the US will be using remote patient monitoring devices by 20241. More importantly, some estimates indicate by 2025 over 26% of the total US population will adapt its usage. It all adds up to what can become a dramatic workflow predicament for many clinics or physician’s practices!

Between the rapidly expanding number of virtual patients, overwhelming amount of data from devices to be monitored, and increasing staff shortages, time spent reviewing data from remote devices, billing, and addressing patients’ needs, could be days or weeks leaving them without any action being taken in a timely manner. Ultimately, the delay could be damaging to the patient’s health and problematic to your practice. As well, some statistical data indicates that up to 40% of virtual transmissions read by artificial intelligence alone may be misclassified by the device software needing a skilled technician’s intervention. 

All Third-Party RPM Providers are NOT Equal.

With the growing number of healthcare providers moving into Virtual Care Management (VCM), a significant number are licensing RPM software solutions that leave the clinic staff to administer the software platforms and manage the patients, adding more work and additional time to an already overburdened workflow. An RPM software provider that just offers the platform with little or no support, puts the responsibility of patient care, data monitoring and complex medical billing on the shoulders of the clinic.

Cardiac RMS on the other hand, is a Single Source Solution eliminating all the inherent headaches associated with virtual care management. CRMS should be the first one you call when you want to improve your Remote Physiologic Monitoring program.

Here are several ways that we improve a clinic’s RPM program to be more effective and efficient:

  1. Clinical support: We provide clinical support and resources to help physicians implement best practices and improve patient outcomes.
  2. Onboarding patients: Cardiac RMS handles the delivery of cellular enabled monitoring devices, and helps connect patients by explaining how the program works. 
  3. Patient engagement: We have strategies to increase patient participation and compliance with the program and engage regularly with patients, caregivers and family.
  4. Reduce Staff Workload: Since Cardiac RMS is taking on the task of managing the entire RPM program, a clinic will not burden the current staff with patient engagement and will not have to add any additional staff.
  5. Technical support: Cardiac RMS offers technical support to both the clinic as well as to patients when there are questions about the software or devices.
  6. Compliance: We follow all the necessary regulations and are diligent about providing all the documentation required.
  7. Reporting: We review and report findings in a concise and organized manner, and generate customized reports to help physicians track program performance and patient outcomes.
  8. PCM and management of the care plan: Principal Care Management (PCM) involves the care of patients with one chronic illness for a period lasting three or more months. The CRMS care managers utilize physician approved care plans to empower patients to feel connected to their caregivers and stay compliant between office visits, while relieving the burden placed on the physicians’ office, thus improving patient outcomes and access to care.
  9. Reimbursement processing: We can handle the payment processing and reduce the administrative burden for your practice, with no upfront cost to your clinic.

It’s not simply a matter of licensing one software, but having the choice of a tailor-made efficient, secure virtual care platform and patient-friendly cellularly-enhanced monitoring devices. At Cardiac RMS, immersive patient care is what we pride ourselves on, delivered by a highly trained and empathetic staff of Patient Engagement Specialists whose main objective is to ensure patient success. This will be supported by our RNs who integrate themselves with your medical staff and oversee the entire medical journey from new patient onboarding to creating and maintaining a steady communication link between patient, family, caregivers, and medical staff.

In short, when you engage Cardiac RMS, you have a partner that shares the same values and principles to patient care that you do and believes there are no shortcuts to achieving the kind of patient care necessary for your complete success.