Meet Our Team

Jeff Hopper

Sales Director - Nephrology Division

As the Director of Sales for the Nephrology Division, Jeff will act as a leader and mentor to significantly contribute to the future of Cardiac RMS and DocGo. He will report directly to Mike Mantzouris, VP of Customer Development.

Jeff brings over 23 years of healthcare-related sales experience, including 19 years of Nephrology experience and 17 years of leadership experience. Jeff has worked with Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Fresenius Kidney Care, NxStage Medical, and most recently with GSK as a Director of Strategic Accounts. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in identifying potential clients, securing contracts, and closing business deals. Jeff will be responsible for keeping a healthy pipeline of potential customers in place and delivering on expected sales. He will leverage current Nephrology and industry relationships to support new opportunities for growth and utilize education resources throughout these endeavors. 

Jeff maintains a firm belief in trust and communication, and is empathetic, performance-driven, collaborative, and strives to elevate himself both personally and professionally.

In addition to his career, Jeff enjoys exercise, travel, flying recreationally, and volunteering. He is a Board member of the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana and has been married to Alison for 21 years, with three boys. Jack is working on his Chemistry PhD at UC Santa Barbara, and Alex and Dean (twins), are headed to North Illinois University this fall, all of whom will be part of the men’s gymnastics team.

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